New Year’s Jumpstart

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One of my favorite parts of fashion blogging is the ability to be creative and go outside of the box. When I first tried on this jumpsuit weeks ago, the lady letting me in the fitting room said to me, ‘Oh, I love this. It’s so outside of my comfort zone but it has ended up being one of my favorite pieces.’ I shrugged it off as a sales tactic – until I put in on. I was instantly in love. I owned nothing else like it, and suddenly felt more daring slipping it on. I love how a piece of clothing can suddenly make you take on a while new personality and confidence.

Naturally, since this piece is slightly outside of my comfort zone, Ryan and I decided to take some creative liberties with the shoot as well. We did our first ever night shoot – and while it may have been freezing cold, there was something fun and mysterious about shooting in the dark. I love that with blogging, it’s okay to try something different, find what works and what doesn’t, have have a ton of fun along the way.

Photos by Ryan Sides


Anthropologie Jumpsuit :: Madewell Jacket :: Madewell Heels


Capes Away

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I think it’s safe to say that this has been my most anticipated post of the year. Ever since August when I first found this cape, I’ve been waiting for the weather to get cold enough for me to wear it (and not look foolish for busting out my coats in 70 degree weather). This cape is everything – I feel like I’m bundled up inside the coziest blanket.

The other morning was freezing cold. Not only was it cold, but it was also incredibly windy. It was the perfect morning to give my cape a whirl. It kept me so warm and toasty, despite the winter like weather. Best part about it? It can be thrown on top of everything and instantly make you feel elegant and sophisticated.



Sweater Dress Occasions


The weather in North Carolina this week is all over the place. We went from 70 degrees one week, to having high’s in the 30’s the next. Luckily, this sweater dress has been perfect for both occasions. I was able to wear it during our warmer days the last couple of weeks with a pair of flats, and it has easily transitioned into our colder days when paired with tights, booties, and a classic trench.

DSC_4606DSC_4645 DSC_4600 DSC_4614 DSC_4682 DSC_4673 DSC_4582 DSC_4661

It may be too bold of a statement, but this dress is possibly one of my favorite looks. I love a simple striped piece topped with a iconic trench. This dress is so versatile, I have already paired it with several different scarf, jacket, and shoe combos. I think I’ll be looking to invest in more classic, staple pieces, just like this one.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend – get ready for an influx of holiday inspiration the next month!



Sweater Weather


We had our first truly cold day in Raleigh this past weekend. While I’ve had no shame wearing my chunky sweaters and turtlenecks in 70 degree weather, it finally felt like it was an appropriate time to bring out my sweaters, jackets, and tights. Fall is definitely my favorite season to style for – the more layers and heavy fabrics, the better. I love coordinating different textures and weights together to create the perfect seasonally-appropriate look.

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Ryan and I took a walk this past weekend through one of our favorite parts of downtown – Historic Oakwood. The old victorian homes are beautiful (we love to play the game “haunted or not haunted”), and the leaves were just starting to turn bright yellows and fiery oranges.

Just as it started to sprinkle, the wind knocked the leaves off of the trees, and dropped perfect reds and yellows all over the sidewalk. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of my feet! Though I wanted to stay and play in the leaves forever, the rain picked up, and we headed indoors to grab a chai latte and warm back up.


J.Crew Jacket (similar here) :: Anthropologie Turtleneck Sweater :: Madewell Skirt :: Nine West Booties (similar here) :: J.Crew Bag (similar here) :: Madewell Bracelet 


Harvest Sunrise

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Often times, there are things we do every day that we tend to take for granted. For me, it’s the beautiful pasture I drive past every morning on the way to work, and every evening on the way home. I usually glance out my window and look at how pretty the colors of the setting or rising sun are over the barn, but have never actually taken the time to stop, and truly admire its beauty.

Ryan met me on my way to work the other morning to shoot at the spot I always pass by too quickly. The early morning light left a soft haze across the old gravel road, and just as we wrapped up shooting, the sun peeked up over the top of the barn, and cast a glow across the whole field. It was certainly a beautiful moment that I would have missed had I just taken my usual commute to work.


Madewell Sweater + Pants :: J.Crew Bag (similar here) :: Madewell Booties :: Michael Kors Watch (similar here)


We took a morning off packing and unpacking this past weekend to head downtown to grab a cup of coffee and shoot. Instead of staying inside the city like we usually do, we ventured to the outskirts, and landed upon this bridge that overlooks the Raleigh skyline. Though its no NYC, the view was beautiful. I loved seeing my city from a completely different perspective, and admiring its buildings from a far.

The early afternoon sun was rising high in the sky just as we were wrapping up shooting, and the way it sparkled onto the train tracks below leading into the city, made me completely get lost in the moment and forget about all of the unpacking that lied ahead of me at home.

Photos by Ryan Sides


J.Crew Jacket (similar here) :: Frenchi Tank :: Madewell Skirt :: J.Crew Bag (similar here) :: Madewell Shoes :: Michael Kors Watch

Downtown Details


We had our first actually cool, fall-like day this past weekend. I took full advantage, and headed downtown for a morning cup of coffee. The air was crisp, the wind was blowing, and the sun was shining. It was an absolutely perfect morning. We took a walk to my favorite spot in downtown Raleigh. The architectural and structural details are so beautiful right outside of the History Museum.

It was so quiet and deserted this morning that I almost completely lost my bearings for a moment and felt as if I had stepped into a beautiful european town. Everything from the black grating on the windows to the arches on the buildings reminds me of something I would see in Europe. All I needed was a mug for my latte and a boxful of macarons and I almost would have believed I had up and moved to Paris.

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Photos by Ryan Sides


Lush Dress :: Madewell Heels :: J.Crew Bag (similar here) :: Banana Republic Trench :: H & M Earrings (similar here)