New Year’s Jumpstart

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One of my favorite parts of fashion blogging is the ability to be creative and go outside of the box. When I first tried on this jumpsuit weeks ago, the lady letting me in the fitting room said to me, ‘Oh, I love this. It’s so outside of my comfort zone but it has ended up being one of my favorite pieces.’ I shrugged it off as a sales tactic – until I put in on. I was instantly in love. I owned nothing else like it, and suddenly felt more daring slipping it on. I love how a piece of clothing can suddenly make you take on a while new personality and confidence.

Naturally, since this piece is slightly outside of my comfort zone, Ryan and I decided to take some creative liberties with the shoot as well. We did our first ever night shoot – and while it may have been freezing cold, there was something fun and mysterious about shooting in the dark. I love that with blogging, it’s okay to try something different, find what works and what doesn’t, have have a ton of fun along the way.

Photos by Ryan Sides


Anthropologie Jumpsuit :: Madewell Jacket :: Madewell Heels




One of my favorite movies (like most girls) is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. While I love every single outfit she wears throughout the movie, there is one in particular that has always been my favorite. It’s towards the end of the movie, when she is in a turtleneck sweater, trousers, and loafers – that’s my favorite look (you can see it here). This sweater really doesn’t look like the one she wore at all, but anytime I see a chunky, cropped turtleneck sweater, it instantly makes me want to pull my hair back, put on some bright red lipstick, and embrace my inner Audrey.

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I wore this out to breakfast over the weekend, and despite the freezing cold gusts of wind (you can probably tell from my face in some of these pictures), the thick and oversized neck on this sweater kept me surprisingly warm. I seem to be on a bit of a black and white bender lately – but it makes it easy to accessories with festive pops of red this time of year!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, thanks for stopping by!

Photos by Ryan Sides


JOA Sweater :: Madewell Pants :: Metallic Belt (similar) :: Hobo Clutch :: Madewell Booties

Sweater Dress Occasions


The weather in North Carolina this week is all over the place. We went from 70 degrees one week, to having high’s in the 30’s the next. Luckily, this sweater dress has been perfect for both occasions. I was able to wear it during our warmer days the last couple of weeks with a pair of flats, and it has easily transitioned into our colder days when paired with tights, booties, and a classic trench.

DSC_4606DSC_4645 DSC_4600 DSC_4614 DSC_4682 DSC_4673 DSC_4582 DSC_4661

It may be too bold of a statement, but this dress is possibly one of my favorite looks. I love a simple striped piece topped with a iconic trench. This dress is so versatile, I have already paired it with several different scarf, jacket, and shoe combos. I think I’ll be looking to invest in more classic, staple pieces, just like this one.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend – get ready for an influx of holiday inspiration the next month!



Weekend Daze


Weekend days are rare and precious to me.  I’m working most of them, so whenever I have a morning, evening, or whole day free, I try to take advantage of every moment. As much as sometimes I want to sleep in – I’ll push myself to get up early with the sun, go grab some coffee, and make the most of my days. Sometimes it’s these early mornings that hold the most fun and spontaneous plans (as it usually just includes random wandering).

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This past Saturday was cool and breezy – a quintessential fall morning. Ryan met me out early to grab some coffee and shoot, but we ended up on the top floor of his new work parking deck. The view was stunning. I could see out over almost all of downtown Raleigh, and the sunshine and the morning haze made everything below seem quiet and still asleep.

After taking in the views, I finally got the grand tour of Ryan’s new work building (Citrix – which is amazing!), and wondered around downtown for a little while longer. It’s unexpected mornings like these that make me appreciate life the most, and remind me not to take any moment for granted.


Madewell Shirt :: French Connection Pants :: Zara Scarf :: BCBG Booties (old, similar here) :: West Elm Clutch :: Madewell Ring 

Harvest Sunrise

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Often times, there are things we do every day that we tend to take for granted. For me, it’s the beautiful pasture I drive past every morning on the way to work, and every evening on the way home. I usually glance out my window and look at how pretty the colors of the setting or rising sun are over the barn, but have never actually taken the time to stop, and truly admire its beauty.

Ryan met me on my way to work the other morning to shoot at the spot I always pass by too quickly. The early morning light left a soft haze across the old gravel road, and just as we wrapped up shooting, the sun peeked up over the top of the barn, and cast a glow across the whole field. It was certainly a beautiful moment that I would have missed had I just taken my usual commute to work.


Madewell Sweater + Pants :: J.Crew Bag (similar here) :: Madewell Booties :: Michael Kors Watch (similar here)

Apple Adventures


This past weekend, Ryan and I took a trip out to a small country town just a couple hours away to check the first thing off of my fall to-do list: go apple picking. It’s the second year it has been on our list, and after failing to find a place last year to pick apples, we were determined to actually accomplish it this year. It was a fairly significant drive that led us out to the middle of country town, U.S.A, but it was one of the most fun Sundays I’ve had in a while.

8.9.14-234 8.9.14-235 8.9.14-2368.9.14-238applea2 8.9.14-241applea18.9.14-248 8.9.14-242 8.9.14-244

We spent hours wandering up and down the rows of apples, treasure hunting for just the most perfectly ripe picks. I swore I could have gotten lost in the trees (Ryan of course swears he couldn’t), but it was so relaxing and magical to escape from reality and spend some time in the countryside. I’ve always grown up appreciating the small things, and this qualifies as something that I’ll enjoy doing year to year.

I’ll admit, we were probably a bit ambitious with the amount of apples we picked (a half bushel as the farmers call it), but at least now we have apples to last us, some friends, and some family a couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to baking them into an apple cobbler, apple pie, and cooking them down into sweet baked apples to have with dinner. Stay tuned for an overload of apple recipes to come (apologies in advance).

Photos by Ryan Sides


Madewell Tee + Pants :: J.Crew Shirt (similar here) :: Michael Kors Watch :: Madewell Booties

The New Classic


My wardrobe consists of three main colors: black, gray, and white – with the occasional pop of dark green. I had been eyeing this dress for weeks, and had no clue why. It isn’t something I ever considered my taste or style. It has pops of neon, cut-outs, and its pattern is not only a far cry away from my traditional, classic taste, but is also a little more edgy than I am used to. I had a slightly difficult day a few days ago where I was being overly critical of myself, and decided there was no better time to get out of my comfort zone and try something new.

Turns out I was drawn to this dress for a reason. From the second I put it on in the fitting room, I instantly felt a boost of confidence and felt back to my usual self. I wore it this past weekend to Hopscotch Music Festival, and have since been dreaming up ways to transition this dress into fall. I can already see myself pairing it with tights and booties for the fall, or layering a chunky, cropped black sweater over top, to turn the look into a skirt. A dress that I originally thought was a silly one-time wear, may just be turning into my most favorite, versatile dress of the season. Who says classic has to be boring?

8.9.14-1168.9.14-127 8.9.14-126 8.9.14-125 8.9.14-124 8.9.14-123 8.9.14-121 8.9.14-120 8.9.14-117

Photos by Ryan Sides


French Connection Dress :: Madewell Jacket :: H & M Earrings (similar here) :: Madewell Heels + Necklace (similar here)