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New Year’s Jumpstart

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One of my favorite parts of fashion blogging is the ability to be creative and go outside of the box. When I first tried on this jumpsuit weeks ago, the lady letting me in the fitting room said to me, ‘Oh, I love this. It’s so outside of my comfort zone but it has ended up being one of my favorite pieces.’ I shrugged it off as a sales tactic – until I put in on. I was instantly in love. I owned nothing else like it, and suddenly felt more daring slipping it on. I love how a piece of clothing can suddenly make you take on a while new personality and confidence.

Naturally, since this piece is slightly outside of my comfort zone, Ryan and I decided to take some creative liberties with the shoot as well. We did our first ever night shoot – and while it may have been freezing cold, there was something fun and mysterious about shooting in the dark. I love that with blogging, it’s okay to try something different, find what works and what doesn’t, have have a ton of fun along the way.

Photos by Ryan Sides


Anthropologie Jumpsuit :: Madewell Jacket :: Madewell Heels


Textured Vase DIY


I was having one of those days the other day where I wanted to do something to spruce up my space and give it a little refresh, but wasn’t willing to commit to a full week, or even day, to crafting. I discovered this project on one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess, and was instantly inspired to whip out my scissors and spray paint. It was a fairly quick project (other than watching the paint dry), and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have always admired and loved Jonathan Adler vases, but was never a fan of the price tag – so this gives me the same quirky look to add to my space without having to pay a pretty penny for it (supplies for this project cost me under $10!).

textured vase 1

Gather supplies. You’ll need: adhesive white foam, scissors, fine sandpaper (optional), white gloss spray paint, clear vases


Cut out shapes from foam. I chose to make faces on my vases, but any sort of geometric shapes/patterns could be really fun. Adhere to vase. If foam isn’t sticking, you can sand the surface down slightly to make it a little easier to grip.


Apply several coats of spray paint. Make sure each coat is completely dry before applying the rest.

textured vase 2 8.9.14-109

Finish with a coat of gloss paint if you’d like more shine. Fill with fresh flowers or leave as is and enjoy your new one of a kind creation!

Flowers in the Forest


J.Crew Shirt, Tildon Skirt, Steve Madden Heels, West Elm Clutch, Vintage Bracelet, Moon & Lola and B.P Rings

Over the last year, Ryan has always talked about a secret place place he went to whenever he was having a bad day, or just needed an escape from the real world. As close as we are, the location of his ‘secret place’ was one of the things he never told me. After a tougher than usual day last week, I was finally brought to his secret place – and he was right. There definitely is something magical about it. Wandering through the forest, being dwarfed by the gigantic trees surrounding me, suddenly made me realize how small and insignificant all my worries are in the grand scheme of things. After a few minutes of getting lost in the woods (post-changing into some sandals, of course), all my worries seemed far away, and this magical secret spot seemed to calm me.


Starboard Sartorialist

062414-4J.Crew Blouse (sold out), J.Crew Skirt, BGBG Pumps, J.Crew Bag (old, similar here), Essie’s ‘Watermelon’ Toenail Polish,Michael Kors Watch (old, similar here)

I usually steer clear of any article of clothing that is patterned, overstated, or rather, anything other than a solid color. I surprised myself last year when I picked up this anchor printed top, immediately loving how much it reminded me of summertime, but only pulled it out of my closet once or twice in the last year. Since we celebrated the first day of summer this past weekend, I decided to give it one more chance to win me over – and it did just that. Pairing it with a navy skirt to give the look a monochromatic flair, suits my taste so much better than the bright color options I had opted for in the past. This look made me fall in love with this top all over again, and has guaranteed it a much more frequent spot on my summer wardrobe rotation.


Pleated Midi


Madewell Top, H&M Skirt (sold out, similar here), Cynthia Rowley Wedges, Madewell Necklace, J.Crew Purse (old, similar here), Vintage Bracelets

I have a serious love/hate relationship with maxi skirts. I always think I love them when I see them in stores, but then get them home and never find the right time to pull them out of my closet. It’s either too hot to wear one during the daytime, or I can’t find the exact right pair of shoes to wear with it, so it is just the right length. For this reason, I usually steer clear of long skirts in the summertime – that is, until I stumbled across this one. It was the last one on the rack (usually a sure sign it’s meant to be), and I fell in love with it instantly. It’s long enough to give me that same maxi-skirt feel, but short enough to keep me cool and is easily paired with a sandal or wedge. This skirt will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe this year for both casual ventures around town, and dressier evenings out.

Denim + Daisies

06.10.14newnewUrban Outfitters Dress (old, similar here), Madewell Jacket, Zigi Soho Sandals (old, similar here), West Elm Clutch, Anthropologie Sunglasses, Vintage Bracelets, Moon and Lola Necklace

One of the many lessons my mother always drilled into my head was to always bring a sweater out to eat. Even in the middle of summer, she’d insist that I should bring a sweater incase the air conditioning was blasting. And of course, she was usually right. Even now as an adult, when Ryan and I ventured out for croissants and lattes on a ninety degree day, I had to bring an extra layering piece with me. I’ve never been a huge fan of button up cardigans – I always found they were a little too clean cut and preppy for my style. I picked up this denim jacket recently, and ever sense it has become my new go-to ‘cardigan’. Now I can follow my mom’s advice and have a bit of my own style while I do it. 06.10.14-306.10.1406.10.14-2lafarm106.10.14-6

White Out

MATIMES52214-4Madewell Dress, Target Belt, BCBG Pumps, West Elm Clutch, Moon & Lola Necklace, Vintage Bracelet, Essie’s ‘Blanc’ Nail Polish

I’m pretty sure no one still strictly abides by the ‘no white until after Memorial Day’ rule – ever since ‘winter white’ became a thing, it’s become trendy to wear white year round. Although I admittedly didn’t wait for today to wear my first pair of white denim, I did still want to celebrate old traditions today by wearing all white. As soon as I saw this dress, all of the subtle detailing and it’s oversized frame instantly reminded me of something a little girl would frolic around in on a holiday like today – so naturally it came home with me.

A very special thank you to all those who served our country. Remembering you today and every other day. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

MATIMES52214-5MATIMES52214-11whiteout1 MATIMES52214-8