My Christmas Story


Yesterday, Cupcakes & Cashmere posted about Holiday Traditions. It was so fascinating to read about what other people do year to year that makes the holidays special and unique to them.  Whether it’s shopping sprees or Christmas dinners that are traditional, it seems like everyone has a little something they just can’t have Christmas with out. I’ve always joked that my family has so many Christmas traditions that it makes us seem a little ritualistic/crazy – but I wouldn’t change a minute of it. Here’s what my holiday will look like starting tomorrow afternoon!

Sometime Christmas Eve afternoon, I’ll load up my presents into my car, and send a text to my family saying “Santa’s sleigh is on the move,” meaning I’m headed over to my parents’ house. I’ll arrive, decorate the mantle and the table, and help cook Christmas Eve dinner. We will eat chicken parmesan, go to mass and then come home and my sister and I will take a picture under our Christmas tree (a “foot pop” is usually involved). Next, we receive our annual Christmas jammies – they are always cute, comfy, and well coordinated. Another picture under the Christmas tree follows. At this point, we all retreat to our separate rooms, and finish up any wrapping or card making we have left. My sister and I usually always fell asleep listening to our parents wrapping presents and laughing.

Christmas morning, I’m always the first one up. I’ll make sure my parents are up, then go to my sister’s room, shake her gently, an say “wake up, it’s Christmas!” She will reluctantly roll out of bed, and finish up making a card (or three). We will get all of our presents together, and sit and wait at the top of the stairs. Our parents meet us at the bottom (usually stopping us for a photo op halfway through), and then we head into our small family room for stockings.

We listen to the same Christmas CD every year, and stockings never take any less than an hour or two – it’s a little ridiculous, but always my favorite part. Next, after we finish stockings (and the overflow piles), we pause for eggs benedict for breakfast. We then move into the other living room, that has the tree and our gifts, and take turns opening until there is nothing left under the tree. Christmas is a several hour long procedure in our house, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This year, my Christmas story will be changing for the first time. My sister got married this past summer, and we will be welcoming Pat into our Christmas Traditions. I’m excited to see how our growing family adds for even more fun and love on Christmas. Some things may change, but how happy being home and around family this time of year will always stay the same.


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