Winter To-Do List


I always use the changing of seasons as the beginning of a new period of time. It’s always on the first day of the season that I map out what it is I want to accomplish most. Most of the things on the list have to do with holidays or cliche season-realted things, but others are smaller tasks I have been putting off. Here is what has made it onto my list this holiday season, and what will be keeping me busy during the long, cold months ahead. (You can see my past winter to do list here).

1. Actually manage to stay awake until midnight on New Years Eve.

2. Find a way to organize my closet that I will stick to.

3. See snow (this will make the list year after year).

4. Spend a weekend with friends and family cozied up in the cabin.

5. Attempt to build (and if all else fails, buy) a coffee table.

6. Experiment with making new types of pasta from scratch.

7. Launch a new blog design (coming soon – stay tuned!).

8. Attempt to read all of the magazines I get delivered (and make some of the recipes, too).

9. Take a weekend getaway, or plan a trip for the near future.

10. Get my craft area under control so that I can get re-inspired for some home DIY projects.

*Images via Pinterest 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10


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