“The Happiness Project”


When I read this article from Huffington Post about ‘creating your own happiness,’ I mostly expected it to be some cliche article on doing what it is that makes you happy. However, as I read on, I discovered it was something simple and do-able that may actually effect your happiness. According to Gretchen Rubin, who published The Happiness Project back in 2009, she has a new theory about writing our own blueprints for happiness.

The idea is that you pick five things that you think will help improve your quality of life. If you are feeling lonely, she suggests dedicating yourself to join a book group or a club. If you need some alone time, make it a goal to take a nightly walk or light a scented candle. All of this sounds great, but how do you keep yourself committed? Gretchen suggests emailing your list to someone close to you, and inviting them to join the challenge with you.

I’m not usually one for personal challenges, nor do I have many complaints about my level of happiness, but it’s always nice to work on improving little aspects of your life. I like that this ‘project’ focuses on improving small controllable things, as opposed to re-vamping your entire life. Here is my list of five things that I’m committing to as part of my “Happiness Project.”



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