Some days, I’ll admit, don’t inspire me. Sometimes it even lasts for weeks. Well – this week was one of those weeks. As much as I love crafting, baking, and shopping, I was striking out in all departments, and feeling totally unmotivated. I called my mom the other night and she was doing some playing on Pinterest. Immediately after I hung up the phone, I hopped on, and started feeling inspired again. Sometimes all it takes is a good chat on the phone and seeing some new, exciting things, to help perk you back up. Here’s what I’ve been pinning lately – You can follow along with me on Pinterest here.

1. These vanilla bean sweet potato waffles by Joy the Baker look like they taste and smell heavily.

2. A site with some super inspiring home decor images (it might not be in English, but the pictures more than make up for that).

3. I’m challenging myself to learn to do more creative things, like this, with my hair.

4. Finding more delicious things, such as these apple fritters, to do with all of my handpicked apples.

5. Some of the most amazing all white with different shades of green decorating ideas.

6. So classic – who doesn’t love a good red shoe?

7. This site has some gorgeous yet simple and rustic photography. If everything Anthropologie usually does it for you, this site will too.

8. Currently on the hunt for the best chunky turtleneck sweater for my upcoming vacation with my mom.


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