Downtown Details


We had our first actually cool, fall-like day this past weekend. I took full advantage, and headed downtown for a morning cup of coffee. The air was crisp, the wind was blowing, and the sun was shining. It was an absolutely perfect morning. We took a walk to my favorite spot in downtown Raleigh. The architectural and structural details are so beautiful right outside of the History Museum.

It was so quiet and deserted this morning that I almost completely lost my bearings for a moment and felt as if I had stepped into a beautiful european town. Everything from the black grating on the windows to the arches on the buildings reminds me of something I would see in Europe. All I needed was a mug for my latte and a boxful of macarons and I almost would have believed I had up and moved to Paris.

8.9.14-1738.9.14-179 8.9.14-1788.9.14-176 8.9.14-1748.9.14-1758.9.14-172 8.9.14-1718.9.14-177 8.9.14-1698.9.14-166

Photos by Ryan Sides


Lush Dress :: Madewell Heels :: J.Crew Bag (similar here) :: Banana Republic Trench :: H & M Earrings (similar here)



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