Fall Decor Inspiration

fall decor inspirationWith the first of fall just under a couple weeks away, it’s time to start planning for fall decor. It’s may favorite season to decorate for – I love the rich colors, the scents of candles, and, who could forget, putting together the Thanksgiving table. My mom and I headed out for our annual fall decorating inspiration trip this past weekend, and starting our planning for this upcoming season. Here’s a few of our favorite things we came across – I can’t wait to share the final results with you later this year!

1. Love the idea of these pumpkin place card holders, except we plan to use real ones when the season gets closer.

2. Festive, yet rustic, linen dishtowels.

3. A pumpkin pie dish that I would never want to leave empty (not that I need an excuse to bake more pies).

4. A grouping of wheat to bring the harvest of the season inside.

5. A piecrust stamper set for all of our pies this year – because it really is all in the details.

6.ย Pumpkin-shaped serving bowls that double as table decor.

7.ย Birch logs, one of my mom’s favorite, to bring the outdoors in.

8. A throw pillow with the colors of the season to pull the look all together.



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