A Monet Moment


Growing up, I’ve visited Blowing Rock more times than I can remember. It used to be a yearly trip, until we fell so in love with the place that it’s now become a monthly getaway. While being a regular in town certainly has its perks (knowing the best coffee spots, getting to know the best business owners, and being a pro at finding prime parking spots in town), sometimes we forget to break outside of our tradition and take a moment to play tourist again.

Ryan and I were on the way back to the cabin one afternoon when we realized even though we pass Bass Lake at least twice a day, we’ve never actually been down to it. We drove down, expecting to just hop out of the car for a moment to see what it was all about, but we ended up staying for hours, just walking around the lake. We weren’t even expecting to shoot (it was raining, humid, and the fog was rolling in pretty thick) – but the lily pad pond blanketed by fog was one of the most magical moments I have ever seen. It was something I’d only pictured belonging in one of Monet’s gardens. Our spontaneous walk around the lake that afternoon was one of the most breathtaking and special times that I’ll never forget.8.9.14-58.9.14monetmoment18.9.14-28.9.14-22 8.9.14-238.9.14-20


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