Wedding Details: Decor

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I talked a lot the last several months about the preparation process for my sister’s wedding. She had a vintage-chic wedding with literary elements. Many of her details at her reception were easy DIY projects (that in hindsight were fun to do), and are simple things that can be incorporated into any party or wedding. Although it would take way too long to recap everything we did for the big day, here’s a quick glimpse at some of the small things we put together to help make her day memorable.

All photographs for this post were taken by Three Little Birds Studio LLC (you can visit their site here) – they were so wonderful and instrumental in capturing these special little details.

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Instead of using a traditional cake stand, we created equal stacks of books (some wrapped in brown paper, some just with covers removed) wrapped in lace to use as a stand. To fill the gaps, we added in some baby’s breath and small white flowers.

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Single bud vases with roses, peonies, and baby’s breath helped create the vintage-chic feal on the tables. We placed about three per table with tea lights surrounding. It seems small, but it was really just enough to add some uniqueness to each table.

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Tables were assigned based on literary couples (Daisy + Gatsby, Romeo + Juliet, Hermoine + Ron, etc). Signs were made out of burlap and glued onto strips of wood to organize which table each guest was seated at. The place cards were designed on a word template, and individual pearls were glued on each.

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The centerpiece for each table consisted of a stack of about 5 books (some wrapped in brown paper) wrapped in either lace, burlap, twine, or a combination of all three. Lace doilies were either placed on top of or underneath the books for added texture on some tables. On each table, we placed two different quotes by the literary couple their table was assigned, in frames that we hand decorated, so that each was completely unique. Each stack of books was then topped off with a mason jar (wrapped with lace and twine), filled with baby’s breath, and finished off with a wooden heart on a stick, stained, with table number stickers placed on.

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For lobby decorations, we had a guestbook that held old library book slips for guests to write little notes to our happy couple. We had a bucket for sparkers, as well as micsalanious personal pictures and decorations scattered throughout the reception area.

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