(A bridge that belongs in Paris in the middle of Elizabethtown, Tennessee – Photo Credit: Ryan Sides)

After a long (but great) week this week, I couldn’t be more excited to have the day off tomorrow. I’m planning on waking up early to head to the farmer’s market, meet my dad for breakfast, and spend the rest of the day playing around town. Ryan surprised me one evening this week by knocking on my door and insisting on taking me out to ice cream – which reminded me of why I started this blog in the first place. To make sure I take advantage of every moment, pay attention to the little things, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Life’s been so busy lately, that I’m ready to take this weekend to slow down, and get back to moving at a slow pace and experiencing new things. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

P.S. You can follow along on The M.A. Time’s adventures through Instagram here.


(Taking advantage of the cool misty weather and relaxing in the cabin hot tub on a lazy afternoon)


(Enjoying a delicious BBQ dinner with the family while listening to live country music here)


(Stopping to notice how pretty the backsides of the buildings in my hometown are)


(Breath-taking view of the Blue Ridge Mountains just before the fog rolled in)


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