Virtual Gallery Wall


One of the many projects I have yet to complete is creating a gallery wall some place in my house. As an attempt to start working on it and gain some inspiration for how I want my finished product to look, I browsed around on Etsy for some reasonably priced art, and put together a ‘virtual’ gallery wall. I’m going for a group of photos that is mostly black and white, with a couple pops of color, and embrace text, fashion, and a little bit of the unexpected. These are my favorites that I’ve found so far, and an idea of how I would group them together above my couch (all links to Etsy shops for purchase are below).

1. Pajamas All Day ($14)

2. Black Heart ($26)

3. Red Lip ($28)

4. Black Watercolor ($129)

5. Namaste ($20)

6. Vintage Fashion Sketch ($20)

7. Map of Downtown Raleigh ($20)

8. Skull + Roses ($35)

9. Be Happy ($14)


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