Flowers in the Forest


J.Crew Shirt, Tildon Skirt, Steve Madden Heels, West Elm Clutch, Vintage Bracelet, Moon & Lola and B.P Rings

Over the last year, Ryan has always talked about a secret place place he went to whenever he was having a bad day, or just needed an escape from the real world. As close as we are, the location of his ‘secret place’ was one of the things he never told me. After a tougher than usual day last week, I was finally brought to his secret place – and he was right. There definitely is something magical about it. Wandering through the forest, being dwarfed by the gigantic trees surrounding me, suddenly made me realize how small and insignificant all my worries are in the grand scheme of things. After a few minutes of getting lost in the woods (post-changing into some sandals, of course), all my worries seemed far away, and this magical secret spot seemed to calm me.




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