lunary(Two of my favorites)

The days leading up to today seemed to drag on forever, as I was in anticipation for the start of my vacation and my birthday. I’m turning 25 today, and as I look back on the last quarter century, I am so incredibly thankful for all of the wonderful people that have surrounded me, and all of the small moments that have made the last 25 years amazing. I plan on celebrating this weekend by grilling out with my family this evening, and attending a wedding for friends tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

photo 1-167

(Feeling the need to fill my house with just a few more of these)


(A beautiful hand-painted print from a friend)

photo 2-178

(My best batch of chocolate chip cookies yet – the secret: mini chocolate chips)


(Coming home to the perfect surprises from Ryan for my birthday-eve)



  1. Happy Birthday! I adore succulents. I do not have a green thumb so they are the only plants I can handle. Mine have lasted a whole year and are beautiful in the window sill. Love your blog 🙂

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