(Ryan surprising me with a strawberry dish I had been wanting – already full of strawberries)

This week was one of those weeks that was incredibly productive but felt fun at the same time. I definitely took advantage of my day off  (you can see my adventures here), but made plenty of time for working on last minute wedding details during the evenings. I’m rewarding myself this weekend by allowing myself to do nothing outside of work but be consumed by Lost (which I’ve recently started watching and it’s now safe to say I’m addicted), grilling out, and meeting up with old family friends. My vacation starts on my birthday next Friday, so I’ll be resting up this weekend to have another productive week, before checking out for a few days. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


(Still obsessing over my new ice-cream find downtown)


(Loving these geo bookends at West Elm – already dreaming up a place for them in my house)


(New date night tradition: these mini desserts from Whole Foods)


(Weekday work necessities: tee shirt, denim, and iced coffee)


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