A Day of Playing Tourist

touristI’ve lived in Raleigh for nearly 25 years (with the exception of the three years I left for college), and still sometimes feel like a tourist in my own hometown. I rarely venture down to the heart of the city, and when I do, I still get lost and turned around. Since finding out where is the best place to park, or navigating how to walk somewhere has never come naturally to me, I usually avoid downtown all together and don’t explore anything that my hometown has to offer. On my day off this past week when Ryan and I were deciding what to do (over coffee and my regular spot), I decided it was time that I break out of my norm, and start to familiarize myself with my own city. We had a wonderful day full of museums, visiting the state capitol building, and enjoying some of the local restaurunts. Though I definitely felt, and probably looked like a tourist by the way I pulled out my phone every five minutes to take a picture, it was a great little adventure that kept us close to home. Here’s a glimpse at our day wondering through Raleigh through the eyes of my iPhone.

tourist4photo 4-117

(Starting our day at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences with planets, snakes, and a walk through a beautiful tropical garden full of butterflies)


(Wandering the streets and admiring the older architecture)


(Grabbing a bite to eat at Raleigh Times – and discovering their amazing fish and steak tacos)

photo 2-179

(Walking around the State Capitol for the first time I remember)


(Best new finding downtown: Crema espresso and ice cream bar where you can create your own soft serve ice-cream)


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