Fringe Balloon DIY


As part of my gift to my sister last week, I wanted to give her some fun photos to put in her wedding preparation scrapbook. I’d seen these balloons all over blogs and Etsy – but along with the adorable balloon came a $50 price tag, as well as a couple week’s wait. I was determined that I could make it on my own, so after a little research and some trial and error, I was able to make a very special, one of a kind fringe ballon. The whole thing was fairly inexpensive too – the ballon ran about $6, the table covers a dollar each, and the gold shimmer tinsel was just a few dollars. The project only took a couple of hours, and was definitely a more personal alternative to ordering one I had seen online. Here’s how you can make your own at home.

DSC_1682What you’ll need:

36″ balloon with string (pink, blue, and white available at Party City)

2-3 colors of rectangular plastic table covers

tinsel banner (optional)





Unfold the table cloth so it is only left folded in half one time. (It would be long – or ‘hot dog style’).


Fold ‘hot dog style’ again (Luna decided to help out with this step). It should now be a very long strip, about a foot wide. From here, fold in half ‘hamburger style’ so that it becomes a shorter rectangle.


Once folded, cut into three equal sections. This should make six different pieces of double layered table cloth.

DSC_1711Turn the rectangle so the folded part is furthest away from you. Cut into 1″ fringes, leaving about an inch of uncut material at top by fold.

fringeballon1One rectangle creates two fringes. Separate from each other (you will have to snip the bottoms of about half that are stuck together still from the folding).


Roll fringe along the fold and staple at the stop to hold together.


Completed fringe will look like this. Complete same steps with each of the different colors until all your fringe is made. (You get 12 pieces from each table cloth).


Starting from the top, attach fringe to string by wrapping clear tape around both. Don’t worry if the stop looks ugly right now, you can go back and wrap some tinsel around it at the end to cover up the tape.


Continue to add fringe, alternating colors, until you have as much covered as you would like. Go back at the end and add in any tinsel or smaller accent pieces to fill in gaps and give more character.






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