Dessert Bar Bridal Shower


Last week I hosted a bridal shower for my sister. The whole evening was fun and enjoyable and full of celebrating the bride-to-be. Because it was held a little bit later on a weeknight, we decided upon an ice cream sundae and dessert bar theme. The ladies filled up on ice cream with all the dressings, mini brownies, lemon squares, cupcakes, pineapple upside down cake, and sipped on cherry-limeade punch, before settling down to play a couple of cute bridal shower games. The first of three – you couldn’t say “Patrick” (my sister’s fiance’s name), or “wedding” all night. If you did, you had to give your toy necklace to the woman who caught you. The second game was to write what you think is the secret ingredient to a marraige on a spoon for the bride – we got some pretty comical and sweet pieces of advice. The final game though was probably what produced the most laughs of the evening. During the reading of a very funny story, every time “left” or “right” was said, you had to pass a gift to your left or right. You can find a copy of the story here. All in all, the night was perfect, and I’m so glad we all got to come together for a night of treats, fun, and games. It’s only making me that much more excited for the big day in just over a month! Here are a few glimpses from our evening. DSC_1859



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