White Out

MATIMES52214-4Madewell Dress, Target Belt, BCBG Pumps, West Elm Clutch, Moon & Lola Necklace, Vintage Bracelet, Essie’s ‘Blanc’ Nail Polish

I’m pretty sure no one still strictly abides by the ‘no white until after Memorial Day’ rule – ever since ‘winter white’ became a thing, it’s become trendy to wear white year round. Although I admittedly didn’t wait for today to wear my first pair of white denim, I did still want to celebrate old traditions today by wearing all white. As soon as I saw this dress, all of the subtle detailing and it’s oversized frame instantly reminded me of something a little girl would frolic around in on a holiday like today – so naturally it came home with me.

A very special thank you to all those who served our country. Remembering you today and every other day. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

MATIMES52214-5MATIMES52214-11whiteout1 MATIMES52214-8



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