photo 1-162(Stopping for frozen yogurt with Ryan)

This week moved in fast-forward. By the time Thursday came around, I felt as if I had barely done enough for it to be the end of the week already. My to-do list was still a mile long, and I had lots more I needed to do before I took the weekend off. Needless to say, I don’t handle stress and looming tasks all that gracefully, so I probably spent the end half of the week somewhat resembling a headless chicken running around. Luckily for me (and all those who have to be around me this weekend), I’m down to my last couple of tasks before I can unwind and enjoy the weekend. We celebrate my sister’s graduation from grad school tomorrow, and Mother’s Day/my mom’s birthday on Sunday. I’m looking forward to the good times and relaxing with family to make all my hard work this week worth it. Hope you have a great weekend.

photo 4-111(Beautiful hot pink blooms right outside my place)

MATIMES5.5.14-20(A fun mid-week day off with my love)

photo 2-172(Dangerous discovery: finding out the shop across from my work sells Kate Spade’s home accessories)

photo 3-140(Fresh blueberry pancakes for a morning off at home)


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