Bathroom Remodel


A few weeks ago, my mom involved me in the design process of remodeling her bathroom. While she has great taste in decor, our selections will often vary (she goes for richer, earth tones, and I go for light and airy). Since the bathroom is for her, I naturally made decisions based on her taste and what I thought would best suit her style. However, I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder while at the design shop, and imagine how I would create my dream bathroom. My Pinterest board of course doubles as my dream home, so I pulled a few images from it to piece together what my ideal master bath would be.

The first inspiration picture (above) confirmed for me that first and foremost, natural light is so important. Whether it’s one large window, or several smaller, I’d love a bathroom full of sunlight. I also love the look here of subway tile on the walls instead of traditional paint. It’s very clean and spa-like. Finally, I had debated about a stand-alone garden tub for a while, and after seeing how this one was positioned, it’s something I can definitely get on board with. (Image via Mark Williams Design)


Because I would opt to have a stand alone tub, I would want as open of a shower as possible. I wouldn’t want it to look stuffy or closed off. I also really like the look of marble floors – or at least good substitute. Since it is the room that will probably get cleaned most often, I would want something polished looking like marble, with had easier upkeep. The clear containers pictured here are great for any bathroom, providing extra storage, while still adding a little decor. (Image via Kimberley Seldon Design Group)


This image is probably one of my favorites. I love all of the accent lighting and the huge difference it makes in the intimacy of the room. Getting ready at an elegant vanity area, such as the one pictured here, would make getting up every day so much more pleasurable. Another non-negotiable for me (in a dream home, not reality), would be to have a white marble counter top. The light colors (in addition to the several mirrors) makes the space look much more open, and therefore bigger. (Image via here)

bathroom1For the final picture, the main points that inspired me here were all of the little decorative details. The built in shelving units, the gold frames, and the hanging statement light fixtures. All are little additions, but they really help elevate the room and pull the whole look together. (Image via Veranda)

I’m not assuming that I will ever have a bathroom that is as nice as the ones pictured here, but they certainly are beautiful and can be used as inspiration for an overall feel I’m going for. I’d love to know – what’s on your wish list for your dream bathroom?


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