DIY Bird Feeder

photo 4-107

My porch has been painfully bare since I moved in, so as part of my spring to-do list, I committed to making it a more visually appealing place to sit – which included designing my own bird feeder. Since I lack power tools and would probably chop a finger off in the process, I decided to buy a pre-made bird feeder instead of building my own. (If you’d like to build your own, you can find a great tutorial on it here.) The process was fun and easy, and the options are endless. It adds a nice personal touch to my previously boring porch, and now provides entertainment for Luna all day long. Here’s how you can design your own at home.

photo 1-157

Gather supplies. You’ll need:

A wooden, unfinished bird feeder

Three or more paint colors of your choice

Foam brushes

Glitter tape

Alphabet and decorative stickers

Bird feeder hook and weatherproofing spray

photo 4-109

Organize your paint colors. Determine which you want to be your main color, roof color, and accent color. I chose white for my base, mint green for my roof, and a hot pink for my accent color.


Paint your main color first. I found it worked best to work from the bottom up. Next, I painted the pink accent color on the bar and accent corners.


Once dry, I put two coats of paint on the roof. Let dry again. Meanwhile, cut strips of glitter tape to fit edges of roof. Stick onto feeder and trim edges if necessary.


Pick a name for your feeder and attach stickers where desired. It’s a good idea to go ahead and glue them down to make it more durable.

photo 2-166

Finish feeder with some sort of weatherproofing stray if desired. Fill with feed and let the birds enjoy their new lunch spot.

photo 5-83


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