Month: September 2013

Fall To-Do List


My Pinterest account typically serves as one giant mood board – and as of late it is screaming everything fall. It inspired me to put together a short to-do list for fall (which will be much more realistic and achievable than my summer to do list). As my favorite season, it brings so much excitement with its cooler weather, chunky sweaters, and knowing the holidays and time with family are just around the corner. Here are the things I’m looking most forward to doing in the next couple months.

1. Picking pumpkins at a local pumpkin patch and painting at least one of them metallic gold or white.

2. Making a pot of homemade chili to warm me up.

3. Taking day trips to visit a winery and go apple picking.

4. Finally putting together my first bar cart (and slowly stocking up on essentials to make it look like these).

5. Rescuing two kittens just in time for Halloween.

6. Experimenting with at least three of these soul warming cider recipes.

7. Taking advantage of knitted beanies and wool hats to keep my head warm.

8. Having a bonfire to roast marshmallows by in my parent’s front yard.

9. Baking (and perfecting prior to Thanksgiving) my first pumpkin pie.

10. Going to the fair and a haunted house for the first time in years.


*Images via Pinterest 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


Apple Pie


After purchasing a bushel of apples last week in the mountains, it only seemed appropriate to whip up an apple pie to go along with the first week of fall.  Making pies has always seemed daunting to me – but I was pleasantly surprised when this recipe from Gran’s Kitchen cookbook went off without a glitch. It was my first time making the crust from scratch, which was way easier and more satisfying that I had imagined.  I added a pinch extra of sugar and a touch of allspice to the original recipe, and enjoyed a nightly slice of warm pie on my porch this week as the temperature dropped and fall crept in.

photo 1-21

photo 3-22photo 2-23photo 4-14photo 5-4



photo 2-19

(Stopping for an afternoon orangeade at a favorite childhood soda fountain

Maybe it’s because I had the most relaxing time here last weekend, but something this weekend definitely felt off. I have been looking forward to the beginning of fall for so long, and yet am not quite in the right mindset to be excited just yet. So this Monday, after one of the longest, yet quickest weekends I’ve had in a while, its important for me to look at the small things as of late, and get my spark back to enjoy my favorite season of the year. Here are a few of the things that have helped keep my spirits high the last couple of weeks. 

photo 1-16

(Buttermilk pancakes in the making)


(Beautiful flowers from Ry – perfect to welcome in fall)

photo 1-20

(Enjoying the crisp air at an outdoor family breakfast)


(A ferris wheel shining bright through the rain at FreeFest that has me excited for the fair)


(Stocking up on my Halloween necessities)

Blowing Rock

photo 1-19

My escape to the Mountains of NC this weekend was just that – a perfect escape. Even with the four hour drive there, and four hours back, we still managed to squeeze all of our favorites into four short hours. My mom and I were welcomed to Blowing Rock with 57 degree fall weather, all cozied up in boots, scarves, and jackets (first time this year!), before heading to our favorite spot in  downtown for a late breakfast. Once the shops opened we hit all of the best, picking up little trinkets like new bracelets, scarves, and fresh apples for pie baking. After a brisk walk around the lake in town and spending a few minutes relaxing in the park, we hopped back into the car, picked up sandwiches at our favorite deli, and found a quiet picnic bench on the Blue Ridge Parkway to eat before heading home. Though the trip was quick, it was packed with everything I needed for some peace and relaxation, and of course much needed quality time with my mom.

photo-15photo 4-13

photo 2-21

photo 3-21

photo 3-20

photo 1-17

photo 2-20


photo 2-18

 (My first food truck rodeo experience)

After feeling under the weather and battling a severe head cold for the last week, I am ready this weekend for a much needed get-away to my parent’s house. As excited as I am that fall is (finally) one week away, it doesn’t come without its one downside: flu season. I, without fail, catch a cold every fall, and find myself glued to my bed needing multiple ways to keep myself occupied. This week’s entertainment of choice: the T.V. show ‘Scandal’, and The September Issue. With non-stop drama and 902 pages of fashion, it was just about all I needed to get through the worst of the cold. This weekend I am staying at my parent’s for the first time in far too long, and taking a relaxing day trip to Blowing Rock, which I am positive will cure the rest of my illness.

photo 1-15

(Mouth-watering handmade ice cream that provided much needed heat relief at the rodeo)


(Light reading from my mom and Ry to keep me entertained while bed-ridden)

photo 3-19

(The last of summer’s greenery + the first of fall’s colored leaves)

photo 4-12

(Cute notepads make chores and grocery lists twice as fun)

Dainty Gold Jewels

dainty gold

Ever since I got this ring, I’ve been obsessed with all dainty gold jewelry. At first I thought it was so small that it would go unnoticed, but quickly realized how big of a impact it really does make. In the past I have avoided jewelry because I felt it was too bulky and too much of a nuisance. These smaller, dainty pieces no longer make me feel weighed down, but add character and style to jeans and a white tee. I can wear one or five, making completely different looks, all while still maintaining that casual, not-too-put-together feeling. Here are a few of my favorites I’ve seen.

1. Catbird Opal Teardrop Ring $198

2. Catbird Teensy Diamond Ring $225

3. Catbird First Knuckle Double Ring $152

4. Zoe Chicco Tiny Circle Necklace $110

5. Stella and Dot Arrow Necklace $49

6. Zoe Chicco Pave Bar Bracelet $610

7. Jennifer Meyer Ruby Ring $175

8. Jennifer Meyer Turquoise Ring $175

9. Zoe Chicco Spike Studs $110

10. Zoe Chicco Thin Bar Studs $128

Sugar Biscuits


Although I try to fight it, even my toughest self-control can’t resist anything sweet and coated in sugar – whether it be a donut, cookie, pound cake with icing on top, or in this case – a biscuit. I blame my parents – growing up they allowed me to proclaim the cake with the biggest icing flower as mine, and since I’ve felt entitled to grab the cinnamon bun with the most icing, or pick out the batch of fresh baked pastries the most sugar drizzled on top (even if it is on the bottom of a mountainous pile). These biscuits offered up the perfect solution for my unbreakable habit. They are a moist, flaky biscuit, coated in as much icing as my heart desires that makes delicious treat on their own, or a wonderful compliment to an afternoon cup of tea. Better yet, I can have them all to myself without having to embarrass myself with my five-year old ways.

photo 1-14photo 3-18photo 2-17photo 4-11photo 3-17photo 1-13