Month: July 2013

The Last Week

photo 3-7

(One benefit to jumping the seasons: this cozy blanket on sale from last year)

My mom used to make fun of me for my lack of attachment to objects, memories, or places. She used to find birthday cards in my trash can, or see me skip out on photo opportunities and lecture me on my lack of sentiment. After packing up my apartment this week, and finding every single card I have gotten since graduation, she would be happy to know I have definitely changed. As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned that it is those small treasures that will make you smile years down the road, and I am so happy to have held onto them. Though this certainly hasn’t been my favorite place I have ever lived, I know now, in my last week here, that I will miss it. This was where I lived when I got dressed for my first day of my current job, where I lived when I met and started dating Ry, and where I lived when I got the idea to start this blog. My next post will be from my new home, and while I am excited for the fresh start, I will always cherish the memories I made this past year.

photo 2-7

(Shiny new printer + too much blank paper lying around: a years supply of cards for handwritten notes)


(Satisfying my need for a bit more glitz in my life)


(Hazelnut coffee + Buttermilk pancakes)


(A perfect post-work surprise from Ry)


Weekend Rewind

photo 4-3

(Date night cheese platter inspired by one seen here)

This weekend has been amazing. Between getting to see my parents twice, having a day off work, and wrapping up the bulk of my packing, I would say it was a success. At this point my life is in boxes with exception to the bare essentials (which naturally includes my stand mixer and decorating books), and I am having to get more and more creative to find ways to entertain myself. This has meant hours spent on Pinterest, design blogs, and flipping through magazines. I can’t wait to get into my new place, be settled, and resume my crafting and baking. In the meantime, here a a few things that have been keeping me temporarily occupied.

photo 1-6

(Favorite casual essentials: broken-in boyfriend jeans, tissue weight v-neck tee, and pastel flats)

photo 3-5

(A latte almost too pretty to drink – at La Farm Bakery with my parents)

photo 3-6

(Vintage sunnies discovered at my parents house)


photo 2-4

(Perfectly delicate ring from Catbird that almost reminds me of Christmas tinsel)

photo 1-5

(A quiet Sunday brunch at the park)

photo 2-5

(New self-challenge: learn to make macaroons)








Life: Recently

photo 2-3

(The coolest hanging lanterns at Guglhupf that will somehow be incorporated into my next home)

It’s only mid-July and I have already caught myself craving Fall.  Maybe its the blistering hot, humid days that make you want to do nothing but sit inside, or the fact that its been raining every day for the last week (with not near enough sunshine time) that has made me want to pull out my boots and sweaters and breathe in cool, crisp Fall air. Regardless, I am determined to embrace the last couple months of Summer and all they have to offer before I rush in a new season. I am currently packing to move to a new place next month, so this week has been full of discovering old trinkets and looking for new inspiration for making my new place feel like home.


(Blueberry ice cream + lemon bar: the most savory combination at Guglhupf for my Dad’s Birthday)


(Taking advantage of the last of this season’s peaches to experiment with drinks like this and this)

photo 1-4

(Impromptu chocolate chip cookies with what was in the pantry , which turned out as a cross between a muffin top and cookie)


(An evening spent reading Making a House Your Home and finding new ideas for my next place)


photo 1-3

(Though store bought, when combined together these give the illusion of handpicked wildflowers)

I always document my week through photos, but as I revisited my pictures from this week, I realized they were primarily food related. I blame it entirely on Independence Day, which is typically focused on being outside, grilling, eating hot dogs and burgers, and spending time with loved ones. Celebrations on Thursday made this week seem slightly less long, and although it may have added many unnecessary calories to my diet, I had a great week with family and friends. This weekend I plan on spending  Friday night date night cooking at home, and even though I’m working this weekend, I plan on sneaking outdoors to get in some sunshine time. Here’s a little bit of what’s made me happy the last few days. 

photo 4-2

(Patriotic sugar cookies)

photo 2-2

(All American food on the Fourth of July)


(The coolest, old-fashioned milk jug I’ve ever seen, complete with an engraved cow on back)

photo 3-3

(A mid-day pick me up at work, with extra M&M’s)


(Summer Bucket List)

This week was one of those that was so long and so packed full of ups and downs that it seemed to go on for two weeks. It was more important than ever this week that I made time for some fun – aka checking things off our summer to-do list. Though summer officially started last week, it feels as if we are already behind, and have only crossed off a shamefully low number on this list. We’ve blown bubbles, barbecued, picnicked, and gone to the beach – and I am looking forward to hopefully crossing off watching fireworks and maybe a couple more on the Fourth. Here are some of the things currently keeping me happy (including a successful attempt at pie pops, which I must say are much less daunting than cake pops). Happy week ahead!

photo 4

(Festive pie pops in preparation for the fourth of July)

photo 3

(The cutest tea set my mom gave me for my birthday)

(A freshly popped pick me up – my new favorite guilty pleasure)*

photo 2

(Homemade nutter butters that I ate way too many of)


*Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for their awesome photo editing app!