Month: June 2013

Ringing in 24

Though my birthday was this past Thursday, my entire weekend was one big bundle of celebration. Every moment of each day was full of laughter, love, fun, and family – it was exactly what I was hoping for. With each passing year, birthdays become more meaningful to me. Not as a time to celebrate being the center of attention (which I was never a fan of anyways), but to bring loved ones together and make time for simple pleasures in our otherwise busy and stressful lives. Here’s how I celebrated this birthday – complete with a picnic, a cookout at home, fun and games, the first day of summer, and celebrating the marriage of friends. I am so thankful to those who made me feel so incredibly special and happy this weekend. 

(A sweet gift from Ry that has only encouraged my fantasy of becoming a full-time baker)
(Picnicking and Rummikub at Sarah P. Duke Gardens)
(Relaxing in the sunshine)

(Bringing the party back home, my favorite place on this earth)
(The most important and wonderful people in my life)
(Birthday cookout – after my sister and I dominated our girls vs. boys badminton match)
(Post-birthday banana chocolate chip pancake breakfast)
(Our newest tradition – Friday night date night)
(At the most beautiful and sweet wedding I’ve ever seen)
(Perfectly colored flowers from Ry)


(A wish waiting to be made) 
This week has admittedly been long and challenging, so its more important than ever that I focus on the great things in my life, and the fortunes I do have. I plan on spending my last day off work for the next week (before my birthday!) enjoying the sunshine, family’s company, and probably some baking. I am determined to make this next year the most exciting, productive, successful year of my life thus far, so with that being said, I’m convinced its completely ok to spend my last week of 23 with no plans but to relax. Here’s a few things currently making me smile. 

(Some books I’ve been coveting on my mom’s bookshelf) 
(A quiet pathway up to our favorite breakfast spot in Blowing Rock) 

(My new patio lights brightening up a gloomy day) 

(Homemade sugar cookies for a girls night in) 

(Enjoying the sunshine and getting back in my routine) 
(A short stack of my very own)
(Taking advantage of free samples in Blowing Rock)
(An old school movie theater we discovered in West Jefferson)