Month: May 2013

Strawberry Fields

Page Farms Berry Patch
This past weekend seemed full of Memorial Day festivities to welcome in summer. We cooked out (twice), and spent a sunny afternoon strawberry picking. Although berry picking is not a typical patriotic activity, the bright red berries and being out in the fields somehow made it seem fitting for Memorial Day. The most vivid memory I have of strawberry picking is from when I was young on what I believe was a class field trip. It’s probably because in my elementary school picking days I was a couple feet closer to the ground, but I had figured berry picking was much easier than it turned out. Finding a normal shaped, bright red, ready to eat berry is like searching for a needle in a haystack. The excitement of finding that ideal strawberry made me feel like a child again for the afternoon, and made me refocus my happiness on the little pleasures in life. 

 (I would like to say this is of Ry picking a berry, but naturally, he’s only taking a photo of one)
(Feeling five again)
(The fruits of our labor, quite literally)

(Homemade strawberry pie)



(A buttercup handpicked by Ry)
My vacation this week was exactly what I was hoping for. It was the perfect combination of a little work and a lot of play,  all with no real agenda. I slept in, relaxed, watched movies, and ate probably more than I should have, but that’s what a vacation is for. I spent the front half of the week with family, as well as cleaning out my childhood closet (which led to some pretty comical trips down memory lane), and took a break halfway through the week for a quick day trip the beach. I plan on finishing up my vacation this weekend by doing a touch of spring cleaning, then heading off for one last day trip to the mountains with my family, followed by a cookout with family and friends. 
(Perfect sunshine to breeze combination at the beach)
(Enjoying the feeling of summer approaching)
(Adorable dairy containers I’m now on the hunt for)

(The Little Hen Restaurant, where we celebrated my cousin’s First Communion)

(Love the idea of name tags on special bottles of wine)

(Delicious cheese platter at The Little Hen that I plan on recreating)
(A picture from my mom, sent to make me smile)


Bite size snickerdoodle poppers (also known as cinnamon sugar donuts with vanilla pudding)
This week was an absolute roller coaster – although it seemed to fly by with not near enough hours in the day, each day was jam packed full of complications, emotions, and anticipation of the weekend. My week long vacation officially commences this evening, and I couldn’t be looking more forward to the weekend ahead. This weekend will include many different family celebrations, most important of which are Mother’s Day and my Mom’s birthday on Sunday. I can not wait to be home celebrating the most amazing and influential woman in my life – my mom. So truly blessed to have her, and to get to share this special day together.
Taking a break from my work day so soak up some rays

Firecracker red nails to kick off my vacation with a summery feel

My new porch starting in August
One of my mom’s favorite quotes that always makes me feel strong

A Weekend In Review

Squeezing in a homemade brunch before work Saturday morning
Though this weekend was jam packed and seemed slightly more hectic than I was prepared for, by Sunday evening I felt refreshed and refocused on the important details. Somehow, even with working full days all weekend, I made time for a surprise delivery of fresh baked goods to my mom and co-worker, learned how to make my first chicken melt (a delicious request by Ry), got some quality time out around town for viewing art and trying new restaurants,  and wrapped up the weekend with a festive taco dinner and a classic rom com movie night. Thinking back now, beyond all of the chaos, it was an amazing weekend filled with what I love. 

French toast with strawberry butter
A sunny morning spent brainstorming

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Ry

Strawberry cupcakes that were shared with many special people


An azalea bush blooming right outside my door
Though work will consume most of my days this weekend, I am looking forward to filling the time spent away from work with fun and relaxation. It will include backyard football, touring local art galleries, and a homemade brunch tomorrow to make the best of a cloudy weekend. I’ve learned that although working on weekends is never ideal, its important to embrace the spare time I do have, and to put my energy and focus into that. Chances are, it’s those times that are actually important. 

Evening in bed catching up on some reading with the most inspiring woman
Flowers hand delivered to my work, complete with love note
The most fulfilling afternoon craving I’ve had in a while 

A flower determined to stand out in a crowd