Month: April 2013

A Weekend in Review

Perfectly colored flowers at the Farmers Market

This weekend ended up being everything I had hoped, with a few unexpected surprises. It was filled with baking, trying new things, and plenty of relaxation. The chile-lime chicken burgers ended up being a hit – and are a new staple in my summer dinner menu.  Time spent with family and loved ones included amazing southern BBQ, lots of laugher, and spontaneous trips to the art museum and flea market.

First time burger making in the works

Chile-lime burgers before cooking
A surprise that made working on a Saturday a little sweeter
Impromptu trip to the soccer park with Ry
Homemade blueberry minis that provided breakfast all weekend long


A day spent poolside with some inspirational reading

This weekend holds a lot of firsts that I am looking forward to. My first attempt at grilling burgers solo, my first trip to the pool for the season, and Ry’s first time meeting my extended family. This weekend holds the promise of finding happiness in simple pleasures, and enjoying time spent with loved ones. Combine that with this beautiful spring weather, and a girl couldn’t ask for much more.

A couple new additions that make my house feel instantly like spring

The perfect tote bag for trips to the market and summer picnics

A quiet moment on spent on the docks with Ry
Freshly stocked salt and pepper grinders

Spring Beginnings

Welcome to the M.A. Times! I wanted to create a place where I could house all of my favorites and things that I love. Spring has just begun and it is the time of year I find myself most excited by what surrounds me, and enjoying all of the little pleasures life has to offer.  I find inspiration in simplicity and that which brings comfort, but also in everything fancy, delicate, and completely fabulous.